Done-for-You: Business Listings

DG Digital Services: Business Listings Increase Visibility

Going for Low-Hanging Fruit: Getting Seen
So often businesses give up before they start. It looks so difficult to rank on search engines. It may seem like when you type in your services, you see an ocean of other service providers. You would be surprised how many business owners don’t take minimum efforts to provide a solid description of his/her businesses online. We make sure your basics are covered with strength so that the “low-hanging” fruit will always be yours. This means taking time with photos that communicate your business; taking time with the descriptions of your business; and taking time with the map listings of your business. It is a broad and heavy blanket of correct and uniform information that pleases the search engines.

Online Marketing: Consistency is King

One mistake business owners make is to vary the phone or address connected to the business. It’s possible there is a cell phone and a business phone that vary. Now when you place different phone numbers connected to the same business, search engines perceive this as ‘discord’ and down rank you for it. Let’s add two different addresses. Perhaps you have a business location address and a post office box address, and you use them interchangeably. This will also downgrade your listing.
The best approach is to have one consistent “NAP” (name, address, phone) and one business description that pops with marketing savvy placed uniformly in 100+ listings nationwide. Fortunately, our team will do this for you.

Placing your NAP Listing For Your Business

It might seem “extra” to hire DG Digital Services to place your “Name Address Phone” or NAP listing for your business. The advantage to having our team place your business listing for you is that you will have a consistent placement across over 100 directories. This is a big plus for standing out and often just updating this one piece will add to new phone calls for business, in our experience. We have exceptionally reasonable pricing for these services. This will grab some “low-hanging” fruit of people looking for your services near you.