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Lead Generation for Small BusinessesOur company, DG Digital Services, provides lead generation strategies and tactics so you can focus on your business services. Our site improvement and website development offerings will bring you phone calls for business. Recently one of our clients went out to do a customised quote for a high end construction project. He didn’t have to place an advertisement. He just placed his business with DG Digital Services, and we got his phone to ring with the right person who needed him.

Matching Clients with Your Services

We tailor our communications so that you can receive the right calls. When you are receiving the calls for business that fuel your success, that gives us success. Our entire mission is to bring you more business. That’s it. Everything we do on our back-end services is designed to connect you with new customers. Now, once they call you, it’s your job to provide your services! But we can help bringing you new business so you can go about yours.

Doing Whatever it Takes

Each business is not the same. Each business in its own geography with its own set of services has a different level of market competition. Our strategies will adjust to the level of competition required so you can succeed. When you are in a dense competitive field of like services for your community, we would take stronger actions to get you seen and heard. In other cases, you might just need a clear and cohesive market strategy of the right photos and words to get your business calls for services. We like to focus on ‘whatever it takes,’ and that will vary business by business. If you are the only service provider of your kind in your community, it’s going to be easier to be found when you do the right things to share information about your services. When you are one of dozens, we will help you stand out from the rest.

Customised Approach to Success for Your Business

Lead generation is about one thing: connecting you with the clients you wish to serve. It is our intention to provide business with our services. So paying our bill pays your bills. DG Digital Services will work with you on a strategy that could possibly be unique to your business. We are willing to go the extra mile where others don’t with personlised digital marketing plans and approaches.

Lead Generation Tailored for Your Business Focus Area

One of the key components of our services is personalization. We are not a cookie-cutter digital services business. We’ll meet with you to figure out your goals and objectives. We’ll map out an approach to provide you with digital marketing services that meet your business needs. We are not complex and difficult to understand. We will simplify the systems so you can accurately understand what we are doing on your behalf. Then if your phone is not ringing, we will uplevel our actions until we get results for you.

Ongoing Digital Marketing Services: Lead Generation Competition Changes Daily

On any given day, your competitors might pick up the pace on their digital marketing services. So one day you might be on page one of the search engines for your business, and without doing anything, suddenly you might find yourself on page 3. Four other services might have bumped up their digital marketing savvy and suddenly you find your business in the ‘gutter.’ This happens so often. That’s why it makes sense to have ongoing, month-on-month digital marketing services. Our team will keep an eye on your rankings and pick up the pace when your status changes. We can’t control every other business, or any other business, in truth. So we will keep changing and upgrading our services to keep your company showing up. If there is a massive shift, we may  have to come back to you with a new plan. Generally if we keep upgrading you each month with content and business listings and back links, we are able to keep up your good status on search engines. The wild card in these scenarios will be the behavior of other companies. So the monthly services take into effect each of the other company behaviors so we can keep your company in the mix.