Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

DG Digital Services Provides Search Engine Optimisation

SEO marketing is the right way to dominate your market on google. Search Engine Optimisation refers to tools we use to ensure your business is seen. Your online presence can bring  you business with more ease when you optimise the words on your website and that’s where DG Digital Services comes in. We’ll help you not only make sure you are using ‘magnetic’ words, we’ll also post in area directories on your company’s behalf.

The combination of other websites naming yours, your own website showing up with all the right keywords, and a robust directory posting makes for a great combination when you hire DG Digital Services for your SEO.

We don’t just focus on the visual aspects of your website. It’s tempting to focus your energy on what the site looks like — but we know that search engine optimised words will bring you business. 

We have exceptional SEO marketing experts on our team so you can rank for the terms and services that your company is providing. Some of the search engine optimisation work seems quite obvious, but many companies forget to take the time to use words that describe the work that they are doing.

We Study Your SEO Competition

We study websites from the “back end” so we can identify the words your competitors are using to attract traffic. We can add words to your site that will let influential search engines know how to find your company. 
It’s much easier for someone to find your business when you have taken the time to describe your services with more depth and description. That’s why we provide SEO services, so that your customers can find you. It’s all about getting your customers to find you. To do that, we work behind the scenes to help your business get seen.

How We Help Your Website Rank

Content is king with SEO.  You need great content. Plus photos that are geo-tagged if you have a location-based service. We will help your photographs by adding seo-focused naming plus geo-tagging for your location. For instance, if you provide asbestos removal in Perth, we could name your photos “asbestosremovalperthroofasbestos.jpg.” Then behind the photo, your website will have a place for “alt-text,” referring to alternative text. We’ll go ahead and program all of your photos with alternative text that is also optimised for SEO.

“I will definitely keep working with DG Digital Services to grow my company. They did a great job of moving my site up the ranking so it gets seen,”  ~ Eric C.