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How to Get Seen Online with 360-degree photos, higher caliber business listings, and have your business presence optimized to generate more calls from curious customers! Based in Perth, Australia, DG Digital Services is perfect if you would like to raise your  business visibility. We focus with 

your business goals and objectives strategically so your online lead generation is optimized. Based in Perth, Australia, DG Digital Services is perfect if you would like to raise your  business visibility. We focus with your business goals and objectives strategically so your online lead generation is optimized. 


The Advent of 360-Degree Photos for Your Business Marketing Online Presence

It’s still new as far as technology for marketing your business, so our company will come out and take a group of 360-degree photos so you can experience 10X views of your images.

Customers more than ever are shopping for business on their phone. A 360-degree image optimized for mobile view gives your business listing a great technological edge.

Imagine still photos of a home for sale. Now give those photos 360-degree dimensions and suddenly the home buyer-to-be can see more of the home and manipulate the view of the photo on their own terms.
Some businesses that would benefit from 360-degree photos include:

  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Shoe stores
  • Tyre stores
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Dental offices
  • Just about all businesses!

” After using the skills of DG Digital Services I jumped sharply in the search engines and I started getting more calls for the services I provide”. Great service. Thank you! T B Taylor


Better Business Listing Provided by DG Digital Services in Perth Western Australia

When your business is listed in directories, it is easier to find. This is logical and possibly obvious. But maybe you did not know that there is an art to a business listing. When a business listing includes 360-degree photos, like on Google “Map Your Business” directory listing, it will be much more attractive and magnetic to potential clients and will receive more views and clicks. Our digital marketing expertise will give you the guidance you need to get the most from  your directory listings. This means you will have more and better photographs and your business image will be optimised for desktop and mobile devices.

Shoppers now shop more from phones than desktops

Globally, shoppers are now looking for business and products via the phone vs. via the desktop for a higher proportion of searches. This is new information as for years people would shop online at the comfort of a desktop for a service provider or a product. The tables have turned. If your site is not set up to do well by phone, and if your business isn’t listed with photos easily ‘digested’ on the phone screen, you could lose business to more forward-thinking competitors.

“I was having some problems being seen in the online search engines, so after some research I called DG Digital Services to see if they could fix the problem. They did just that and I seem to still be moving up and up. They did say it wouldn’t happen overnight but it will happen.” And it did! Great job guys M Peters

We will optimize your business listing for you!

Send in your address and tell us more about your business. We can make sure you are listed on many more business listings, and make sure your business listing is garnering as much attention as is possible.
Were you aware that if you are inconsistent with business listings, your business website will rank lower on search engines?
Your might not be aware that your google search engine ranking will improve with many directory listings, consistently created. So on your main business website, it’s great to list your business. But if you list that business pro-actively and consistently you will get more traffic not only via the directories but to your main website as well.

Business Directory Listing Experts: Digital Marketing Business Map Listing Gains Value and Momentum: Let's Get Your Phone to Ring

It might seem like the business listing is a minor tool for getting business. What you might not be aware of is that savvy business directory digital marketing experts can now help your business rank higher on google and rank easier for your clients to find you with the help of making the map listing easier to find and easier to categorise with search engines.

DG Digital Services will help you Optimize your Google My Business listing

The Google My Business listing is now being favored by google for “organic” ranking on the map views of businesses. This changes the game for smaller businesses, and makes it easier for businesses in Perth to be seen by Perth consumers.

We will review and audit your listings for best visibility. It’s easy for us, because we do this every day. We help businesses show up bigger, brighter, and with greater frequency when people are searching for your business. We understand digital marketing and we will help your business show up in front of your audiences with more ease.


As a result of working with us on your Google My Business listing, you can expect to show up better online and experience more calls and more leads from your business presence. It’s almost an art at this point, not just a science. Business listings have several components. We will look at your competition, and help you change your presence to out-perform other businesses that are like yours. Let’s say you have a competitor with five photos. Why not allow our Google Trusted Photographers with DG Digital Services come out and make sure you have 25 optimised photos?

Yes, you can probably research how to do everything yourself. But this is what we do. This is our expertise! We research how to improve lead generation online for your business, and we bring you tools that change as quickly as the technology changes.

Lead Generation Optimization

When you first started building your business listings and websites, you probably were excited to receive new business and then disappointed when you couldn’t be seen without paying for advertising traffic to your website and business listings.

Fortunately, DG Digital Services has expertise in making your site more magnetic to your audience and potential client base. We can help you make sure your photos stand out; we can help you with lead generation tips and strategies designed to get people off of their chairs and onto the phone calling you for business. We help you pay the bills.